Strategy Alignment

Are your people and culture aligned with your business strategy?


We can help you build the required people capability to achieve your strategic goals


Aligning your people and culture with your business strategy should be the corner stone of strategy execution.


Leading People & Culture have the experience and expertise to ensure you have the right people actions and plans to align with your business strategy. We can conduct one-off strategic alignment sessions, undertake a health check of your people and culture, or partner on a complete business strategy development.


We do more than consult, we bring practical and proven solutions to get results.

Areas that we have expertise, tools, processes and hands on experience:

  • Bring your company values to life

  • Alignment of people & culture with business strategy

  • Business strategy communication process

  • Development of people & culture strategy

  • Identification of key people & culture issues

  • Facilitation of people & culture strategic review process

  • Organizational effectiveness

  • Workforce planning

  • Succession planning

  • Continual learning