Executive Coaching Approach




Client Needs

Stakeholder and

Client Interviews

Defining Coaching


Mutual Measures

of Sucess

Sign Commitment


It is important to establish who has a stake ‘IN’ and accountability ‘FOR’ the success of the coaching program. This may just be the client, a sponsor and client, or a sponsor, client and company representative.

Clearly defining the initial needs of the client is paramount to the success of a coaching program. The process to establish a client’s needs will depend on the number of stakeholders and the type of coaching program required. Typically the client needs would be established by interviewing the stakeholders and client. This comprises individual interviews, and a final triad discussion to gain mutual agreement. It is also important to establish what objective client data and information is available, and what diagnostic and assessment tools would assist the coaching program.



During the needs analysis interviews, it is important to establish the agreed objectives of the coaching program and start to define appropriate measures of success.

Prior to commencing the coaching program, it is required to sign a coaching contract that clarifies and commits to:

  • Rules of the coaching program

  • Stakeholder accountability

  • Reporting, monitoring and review arrangements

  • Confidentiality between coach, client, sponsor and company

  • Dispute resolution

  • Access to client and company information

  • Diagnostic and assessment tools to be used

  • Measures of success and coaching program review

  • Cost and payment agreement

Commence 1 on 1

Coaching Sessions

Review and

Measure Success

The 1on1 coaching sessions typically last 45mins to 60 mins, and the number required is determined during the needs analysis. The number of sessions is typically 6 to 12. The client is responsible for taking session notes and agreeing to complete all actions between sessions. 

A coaching session will typically follow the GROW Model – Set a Goal for the session; explore the current Reality; Options – explore possible actions to reach the goal; 

Wrap-up – What is going to be done to reach the goal? Agree on actions and by when.

The coaching program contract will specify the review process, typically held at the mid-point of the coaching sessions and the conclusion of the program There is also a formal program success review and coaching performance feedback process.