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Mergers & Acquisitions Case Study 1
  • USA Automotive industry $US150m
  • 650 Employees
  • Carve out from large public company
  • Product and process alignment with buyer
  • Market access for buyer
  • High strategic fit, Good ROI, Buyer has technology and process synergies
Due Diligence of Human Capital
  • Negotiated reduction in purchase price to take on retirement related liabilities. $US5m saving.
  • Identified the need for 5 year staged compensation alignment to manage costs. $US10m over 5 years.
  • Concerns about cultural fit of CEO. Negotiated CEO to remain with parent.
  • Speed of integration critical to deal success and purchase price negotiation
Integration of Human Capital
  • Implemented employment and payroll during 30 day signing to close period
  • Appointed internal manager as new business lead
  • Maintained and improved employee engagement 20% in first 12 months
  • No attrition in first 12 months
  • No unknown employment related liabilities or implementation costs