People & Culture Surveys and Feedback

Need to know what your employees are thinking about you, each other, your company and your culture?


We custom design 360, employee engagement, team and culture surveys with action planning and accountability for development continous improvement.


The survey and feedback results are essential to quality outcomes, but they are only the starting point. To get lasting and game changing results, you need to have an overall process that assists feedback recipients interpret and action plan from their results.


You need to ensure that you identify the causes of employee feedback, positive and negative, and design actions to enhance your strengths and improve or eliminate your weaknesses.

Areas that we have expertise, tools, processes and hands on experience:

  • Employer Brand – Does this align with your customers and culture?

  • On-boarding – Check that your process is working and employees are engaged from day one !

  • Development Planning – Employees need feedback to develop

  • Leadership Development – This will not happen without a defined framework. We can accelerate your leader's development

  • Performance Management – Managers need feedback and employees need to provide their opinions to managers

  • People Management Accountability – Managers need to be accountable for their people management ability and performance

  • Employee Engagement – Engagement improves business performance. Ask us for the $'s and numbers !

  • 360 and Upward Feedback – Leaders need feedback to reach their true potential

  • HiPo Selection & Assessment – How do you assess your HiPo’s ?

  • Recognition Programs – Are you recognizing the right things?

  • Career Plan Talent Assessment – Feedback and opinions matter!

  • Talent Retention – Do you know what will retain your talent and HiPo’s ?

  • Exit Interview – Make sure you know why employees leave. It is important !