Mergers and Acquisitions

Looking to acquire or sell a business ?


Make sure you have an in-depth understanding and specific detail about the people and culture related liabilities and integration costs. Leading People & Culture can assist with employment, people and cultural due diligence to make sure there are no hidden liabilities or costs.


We also have vast experience in the successful integration and implementation of acquisitions and divestitures.

Areas that we have expertise, tools, processes and hands on experience:

  • Strategic review of people and culture pre-deal negotiations

  • Due diligence of all employment related areas

  • Due diligence of people and culture

  • Due diligence of implementation and integration challenges and $’s Integration strategic planning

  • Detailed integration action planning

  • Deep integration expertise

Strategic review of people and culture pre-deal negotiations

  • Key positions within the business model and organization

  • What is and Who holds the competitive IP or Competitive advantage knowledge?

  • Key People and Talent

  • Cultural Integration Assessment

  • Will you change how the business operates?

  • What will happen to the people after a sale?


Due diligence of People & Culture

  • Employment related liabilities, costs and accruals

  • Human capital cost structure and organizational structure

  • Change of control – [Costs, talent, taxation, equity vesting, long term incentives etc]

  • Integration costs

  • People – Key talent, Culture, Organizational structure

  • People process efficiency

  • Performance management

  • Employee engagement and Company Culture


Integration of People & Culture

  • How will you operate the business? Stand-alone, partial integration, full integration

  • Customers, Sales, Distribution, Product Delivery

  • Company systems, processes and practices

  • Complete business functions implementation template

  • Culture Integration – How are things done around here? What will change?

  • Measurement of integration success

  • Leadership – “Walking the Talk”

  • Communication and Change Management