A highly practical and real world developed guide to conducting effective 1on1 meetings with employees. There is explanation of theory, practical templates and helpful self assessments. This is all you need to start leading and managing your employees more effectively.


1.    Introduction
2.    Quick Reference Guide
3.    The Perfect Structure for Monthly 1on1 Meetings 
4.    1on1 Meeting Process And Tips
5.    Four categories of questions to help productive 1on1 meetings
6.    Templates – 1on1 Meeting
7.    Effective Feedback – SBI and SBIBI
8.    Effective Listening
9.    Effective Delegation
10.    Herzberg’s Theory of Motivation
11.    The Pygmalion Effect
12.    Results of the Hawthorne Studies

LPC - Complete Guide to Highly Effective 1on1 Meetings